Registration will open on May 29th at 20.00 CET

We are very excited to have you attending our event and look forward to spending an amazing, fun and social weekend with you! We have both DUAL registration and SINGLE registration. If you register without a partner and we don't have a spot for you, you will automatically be put on a waiting list until next person of the opposite dance role registers. All who register with a partner will be guaranteed a spot directly upon registration! If you don't have a partner, we recommend searching for one on the FB event.

If you are a Swedish resident, ONLY USE STANDARD BG TRANSFERS  using the correct OCR sent in the confirmation email! Credit card payment is be visible as an option, but for each transaction there's a bank charge and it isn't accounted for in the budget. We ask you to take this into account and not use that option. It's for international payments only!

NOTE! To all international dancers including, Finland, Norway, ALL PAYMENTS ARE TO BE DONE WITH CREDIT CARD! Link to the payment will be sent in confirmation email. Avoid bank transfers, Revolut or similar. We won't be able to track your money...  


The amount of full passes at a discounted rate are limited. Once a specific price range is sold out, that link will be marked red until we have time to deactivate the link in the database (see link chart below). If so, please pick the next link on the list for your region.

Tier name
World region (Dual)
Nordic region (Dual)
All Regions (Single)
1200 SEK p/p
1400 SEK p/p
1600 SEK p/p
1400 SEK p/p
1600 SEK p/p
1800 SEK p/p
1600 SEK p/p
1800 SEK p/p
2000 SEK p/p
1800 SEK p/p
2000 SEK p/p
2200 SEK p/p

To register with a partner you will need: Full name, email adress and country of residence for both you and your partner. Only one registration per couple is needed and you don't need to be from the same region as the person you register with. Choose one of the regions for both, and we will manually correct the price to fit each individual attendee and country. Note: Each link indicator will tell you the status of the tier availability at that specific price level. All prices listed below are specified as cost per person!

Inactive link
Registration open
Few spots left
Tier sold out

Boka aktiviteter och artiklar

All Stars free* -  Available to the first 12 registrations (6 leaders + 6 follows). * In exchange for judging assistance