Fancy Strictly anyone?

On the Friday we will have a special strictly with music inspired by the theme of the event. Dress up, shoe up and show off your classiest dance moves... More details coming soon! 

Official WSDC Comps   

Our traditional Saturday night Gala dinner will be pushed for Sunday, but we'll still be running our official WSDC comps, pro shows and awards on the Saturday as usual!   

Gala Dinner + NYE Party! 

This year we are going out with a bang! We'll be hosting our Variety Gala Dinner on Sunday evening and we'll end the year with a massive NYE Party in the Ballroom - One for the books!



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Who we are?

The Sweden Westie Gala crew is first and foremost a group of passionate volunteers led by event director and promoter Ibirocay Regueira. Like any event, it's not a one man show, quite the opposite. This weekend would not be able to take place without the people that support it. Not only do we have our instructor lineup, but there's also staff behind the registration desk, the DJ booth, all admin leading up to the event, sound and lighting, etc. There are so many bits and pieces that need to fall into place, that we feel it's important to mention how crucial all the work that all these individuals put in, not only during, but also before and after the event!

Welcome to the Sweden Weste Gala!